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Pocket Translators

Many men recommend using an electronic hand held dictionary.  Investing in one of these translation tools will enhance your ability to learn a foreign language, communicate with your Russian or Ukrainian speaking lady and make travel to Russia or Ukraine so much easier if your don’t already speak the local language.

It’s easy to learn your lady’s native language

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Partner® V6 - the first-ever electronic translator that understands you! Using the unique technology of speech recognition, it translates phrases from Russian into English. Moreover, the Partner® V6 translates texts from English into Russian and vice versa, allows you to send a fax and to work with e-mail.Ectaco Inc.
Russian-English electronic pocket talking dictionaries and Audio Travel phrasebooks
Ectaco manufactures high quality electronic multi-purpose dictionaries and translators.  They have been featured in various magazines and received the prestigious Innovation Award for Design and Engineering. State-of-the-art technology as well as the most advanced linguistic research make their personal electronic dictionaries absolutely unique. The choice of models and languages combined with manufacture direct low prices makes ordering Ectaco products online an excellent value.

Ectaco dictionaries include words, phrases, idioms, irregular verbs as well as linguistic games and grammar. The built-in voice synthesis technology produces high-quality voice output in multiple languages. The organizer has all the features you can imagine plus lots of additional features.  Special models are able to translate speech, incoming and outgoing e-mail messages and faxes from one language into another automatically.  A digital voice recorder allows storing up to 15 minutes of human speech.  All this together makes Ectaco electronic dictionaries a great tool for those seeking to learn Russian or Ukrainian as well as for men planning a trip to a Russian or Ukrainian speaking country.

Click Here for a complete list of Russian-English Electronic Dictionary/Translators.
Worldwide delivery. Free shipping within  the US and  Canada.


Newest Model from Ectaco:


ECTACO Travel SpeechGuard TL-2R English <-> Russian Travel SpeechGuard TL-2R
English <-> Russian
Speech to Speech Translator

This product is the latest of our famous SpeechGuard translators. This new generation portable device is the ultimate talking dictionary available today. Featuring over 8,000 phrases it can voice in Russian and English, this unmatched phrasebook is a must-have for international travelers, helping them to navigate foreign language terrain and communicate efficiently. It gives one a comprehensive two-way dictionary and easy-to-use sentence builder pronunciation for every word from shopping and eating to camping and football: everything the traveler needs; it includes useful everyday conversation topics giving one an immediate insight into foreign language culture. Complete with fun and efficient FlashCards for optimized language learning: you can pick any of four entertaining games, go at your pace, and build up your vocabulary.

Only: $399.95

Speech-To-Speech Translator!
You say into the device and it says the translation back to you. The delivery package includes an adapter & rechargeable battery.

Find the Translation Software you Need:

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