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Section 4: Corresponding with Russian Women


     If you choose to correspond with a lady that speaks little or no English (or what ever your native language is) then you create the need for some form of translation.  Before you begin, set up your computer system to be able to read and write in Cyrillic characters. 

     There are 3 tools available for your translation of written communication.  They are translation websites, translations software and human translation services.  These are listed in ascending cost and quality.

     Translation websites and software offer you the ability to type or paste in either English or Russian text and submit if for translation to the desired language.  These computer based systems will either translate a single word, short phase (one or two sentences) or long paragraphs and letters.  The quality of the translation varies.  You should not expect the translation to be accurate.  There will be numerous and often times comical errors generated since Russian is a difficult language to electronically translate.  You can effectively use these tools to translate individual words and simple messages that you receive to get a basic idea of the content.  You should be cautious if you intend to use an electronic translation to generate your important messages to a native Russian speaker.  You should definitely not use electronic translation for your introductory letters.

     The use of a human translator is always advisable when you want the best written translation between Russian and English.  The use of a human translator will be unavoidable and indispensable for phone translations.  Many of the translation services listed can receive your documents by email or fax and return them to you either way.  Some translators also provide mail forwarding services to Russia.  Translators vary in the depth and breadth of their skills so you may want to try a few different ones and evaluate their quality and rates.  Written translation rates are either determined by the number of words translated or the number of pages in the correspondence.   Phone translation rates are usually based on the number of minutes of translation provided but rates will be higher if the translator must place the international phone call for you.

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