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Section 4: Corresponding with Russian Women

How To Use A Translator

·  Rates vary mostly by the location of the translator.  A translator located in a western country will probably charge a higher rate due to a higher cost of living as compared to a translator that lives and operates in a Russian speaking country where the cost of living is much lower.  A Russian based translator may be more cost effective for large volumes of written translations that can be processed through email.

·  Be sure to clarify with your translator what their current rates are and how you can effectively pay them.  The method of payment for translation services varies from one translator to the next but usually it involves setting up an account with a specified balance.  The translator will deduct from your account balance as work is performed for you according to the rate scale they have specified with you.  As the account is depleted you can add more funds to cover the expenses of future translation requirements.  This is usually done to be convenient and practical for both parties since payment for each piece of translation is usually only a small amount and the translator can send you the translation immediately without having to wait for payment.

·  Try different translators to test their quality and rates.  This will help you to find a primary translator for most of your correspondence.  This will also help you to identify alternative resources if a new or different translator becomes necessary on short notice.

·  You can use the same translator for written and phone correspondence or you can use different translators for each.  This may be advisable since the skills needed to do phone translations are much more advanced than those needed for written translation.

Written Translation

·  Written translation rates are either determined by the number of words translated or the number of pages.  Be sure to clarify with your translator what their current rates are.  The length of a page can vary from one translator to the next so be sure to clarify this point so that you know what your translation costs will be before you submit your work to them.

·  If you intend to translate your introductory letter and send it to several ladies it can be more cost effective if you don’t need to translate the entire letter for each lady.  It would be understandable if there are parts of your letter about yourself that are exactly the same for each lady.  Have these common parts translated separately only once so that it can be pasted back into your personalized letter to each lady.

· ‘Russify’ your computer so that you can copy, paste and read Cyrillic letters on your word processing and email software.  This way you can edit some of your own letters if you need to make minor changes which can be done with the aid of electronic translation systems.

Verbal Translation

·  The fees charged for phone translations can vary as can the skill of the translator.  Consider trying a few different translators do find one you like best.

·  Contact your phone company to learn how to establish a 3-way call if this is necessary.

·  Verbal translation is more of an art than it is a science.  A high quality translator will be able to translate word for word and keep pace with the conversation.  However, you should pace your conversation in consideration of your translators skills.  Typically short statements of one or two sentences is best to prevent errors in verbal translation.  If the pace of the conversations is too fast or the length of the statement is too long or the skill of the translator is not very high then the translator may paraphrase each of your verbal statements.  This can be risky to you as you may loose the ability to understand the finer details of the lady’s personality that you are communicating with.

·  If there were important points discussed during a translated phone conversation then it you should consider restating them in a subsequent written correspondence to make sure there is a solid understanding of what was discussed over the phone.  It could be tragic if there was even the slightest misunderstanding during a translated phone conversation.

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