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Section 8: Marriage to a Russian Woman

Prenuptial Agreements

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Getting Married

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Life After Marriage

          The time you and your lady spend together until you are married will be a constant test of your compatibility as a man and woman and as potential husband and wife.  If you two are a strong couple then you will work together to effectively resolve your challenges and disagreements in a manner that is respectful to one other.  If you are not a strong couple then you may experience an ever increasing level of frustration, conflict and struggle over the situations you face during this long phase of your relationship.

          As they say ‘History has a way of repeating itself’.  You certainly don’t want any negative relationship history to resurrect itself in a future relationship and marriage, especially with a Russian woman.  The emotional and financial costs will be staggering if you do.

     One of the biggest issues you both will face as a new couple will be what each of you expects from the other in your relationship. Each of you will certainly have some preconceived expectations and preferences on what each of your roles and responsibilities should be.  Your expectations and preferences may differ because of your different cultural backgrounds.  It is this difference that may have inspired you to seek a Russian woman as a wife in the first place.  Hopefully you established, before you got married, a clear understanding of how you both define her role as a wife and how you both define your role as husband in your marriage.  You may have already discussed this subject before she arrived and found a mutual agreement that inspired your sense of compatibility.  Even if you have discussed the subject already, it will be beneficial to revisit this subject again now that she is your wife.  Keep in mind that even though you both may be in perfect agreement on what each of your roles and responsibilities will be in the relationship, she may not be able to fulfill all her roles and responsibilities right away.  She may need additional time and training before she can independently fulfill certain roles and responsibilities.  For example she may need to learn to drive a car before she will be able to go shopping for your household needs or she may need additional language or job skill training before she can pursue employment. 

     Until she can operate in your community with her own sense of  independence she may need your assistance and support in certain areas.  Every person is unique and your lady will certainly have her own special needs and feelings.  You role as her man and husband is to be watchful and thoughtful to her needs and feelings.  She may expect you to know them and anticipate them without having to tell you what they are.  For most men, this is a difficult and frustrating expectation from women.  Although it may not seem ‘logical’ or possible you will have to accept this as your role as a husband.  As you learn her moods and character you will eventually be able to recognize any serious changes and take corrective action if necessary.

     All that you do to support and nurture her in becoming a whole person, not just your beautiful wife, will go a long way in making her your life-long partner and friend.

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