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Section 6: Travel To Meet Russian Women

How to Get There

     If you are an experienced traveler you can make your travel arrangements yourself or use the services of a local travel agency.  Unless you are fortunate enough to know of a local travel agent that is knowledgeable and better yet, personally experienced with travel to Russia it is not recommended to rely exclusively on a local agency to take care of your needs.  Certainly it won’t hurt to give it a try, you may be satisfied with the results however you may not receive the best advice or prices that can be obtained for this uncommon travel destination.

     Since traveling to Russia is an unusual request for the average neighborhood travel agency it is better to use an agency that actually specializes in Russian travel.  There are several of these agencies in North America and Europe and you can contact them through a toll free phone call, fax or email.  Not only can they save you money on the international portion of your journey but they can make reservations for any needed flights and hotels within Russia as well. They also may be able arrange for airport transfers, sightseeing excursions, and an entrance Visa.

     There are numerous ways to save money on your trip to Russia.  The easiest way to save the most amount of money is on the airline tickets and lodging accommodations.  Although a full service travel agency may be able to make all your air and hotel accommodations they do not typically have access to the resources that can save you a significant amount of money on apartment rentals.

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