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Section 6: Travel To Meet Russian Women

Creating a Travel Strategy

     You will save yourself a lot of extra effort and unnecessary cancellation fees if you develop your travel strategy before making premature commitments to airlines and lodging.  Not until you have a solid idea on where, when and why you are traveling to Russia should you begin the process of making your actual arrangements. 

     There are many factors you should consider before you make your first reservation for air travel or lodging in Russia.  First, ask yourself:  What are my goals?  Why am I going there?  When is the best time for me to go?  When is the best time for her to see me?  How much time and money can I afford to invest into this trip?  How will I live on a day by day basis while in Russia?  What will I do with my time and who will I spend it with?  Answers to these questions will help you to develop an effective strategy for maximizing the success of this trip.

What is your goal, why do you want to go?

     Every trip should have a goal and a reason for going.  Your goal could be a simple desire to meet for the first time.  A first meeting is vital to determine if the two of you are compatible and can perpetuate the relationship.  If this is a subsequent visit with your lady your goal may be to spend additional time with her, meet her family or ask her to be your wife.  Whatever your purpose is, it will be the foundation for how you plan and prepare for your trip.

     Because of the time and money it will take to get to Russia, give serious thought to the question ‘why am I going there?’  Whether this is your first trip or fifth trip, be clear in your own mind why you want to go.  Hopefully you are being inspired more by love and not just lust.  You will protect yourself if you keep your logical side involved in the decision making process. 

When is the best time to go?

     Answering this question depends on your goals.  If one of your goals is to maximize your time together during your visit to Russia then planning your trip when you both can spend the needed time away from your professional duties and family obligations will enable you to have exclusive time with each other.  If one of your goals is to see and experience some of natural and cultural attractions of a particular Russian city then planning your trip during the warmer and drier times of the year (May – September), if possible, will enable you to enjoy more outdoor activities and cultural events.

     You should ponder what will happen if you delay your trip.  Care should be given if you need to postpone your trip several months into the future.  The desire to meet for the first time may come quickly in your correspondence so if your intended trip seems too far into the future you may need to compensate for this delay in some way to sustain the momentum of your relationship.  If you do not have an exclusive correspondence with your lady or a strong bond then you may be at risk of loosing your opportunity to someone else that can visit her before you.  Don’t second guess this issue; find a gentle way to ask her if this could happen.  You will probably receive a candid answer.

How much time and money can you afford to invest into this trip?

     Only you can answer this question based on your own financial abilities and priorities.  When you think about this as an investment that can fulfill one of your most important goals in life then the ‘cost’ may seem meaningless in comparison to the happiness you will receive.

     The cost to travel to Russia may be more affordable than you think however like any vacation to a European destination the final cost will depend on the level of style you like to experience.  If top of the line luxury is your preference then you can expect to pay much more than if you are budget minded traveler.  While in Russia you can live like a western tourist, live like a local or something in-between.  You will find the purchase power of your western currency to be very favorable and easy to exchange especially if you have U.S. Dollars.

     The major expense will be the airfare.  Probably the single most expensive item associate with your trip to Russia will be the airfare to get to your final destination.  The actual cost will depend on where you live and where you need to get to.  Your final Russian destination may be a city other than Moscow or St. Petersburg.  If so then you have to arrange for both an international itinerary from your home town to Moscow or St. Petersburg from which a domestic Russian flight can take you to your final destination.

     Your second largest cost will likely be for lodging.  The actual cost will mostly depend on the city you are in and the level of quality and conveniences you want to have.  Overall, lodging can be very inexpensive if your needs are modest. 

     Dining and entertainment can also be very inexpensive relative to a western equivalent especially if you go where the locals go. 

     Whatever you spend on airfare and lodging, make sure you have enough to spend on your lady for your courtship and activities together. 

     If you live and play by the motto ‘money is no object’ then you will find it easy to spend in Russia.  If you are man of moderate means you will still find Russia to be affordable for your budget.  It is fare to say, like most things, when it comes to travel, ‘you get what you pay for’.  However there are many ways to reduce the total cost of trip to Russia and still get your needs comfortably met.

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