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Section 6: Travel To Meet Russian Women

One Lady or Many?

     You may be quite comfortable with the idea of meeting several different ladies during a 1 or 2 week trip to Russia.  The problem arises if or when any of these ladies find out that you were not there to see them exclusively.  If they know this before your meeting they may reserve their feelings and affections until they know you are serious about them.  If they find out unexpectedly then they may consider you to be dishonest and a cheater.  Your prospects for romance will probably not recover from such an infraction with a Russian woman.

     Much of the issue depends on where you are at in your search process and how deeply you have bonded with any of the ladies you are corresponding with.  If your correspondence has been minimal and your bond unclear then your meeting may be viewed as a mutual curiosity with few expectations.  If your correspondence has been lengthy, in depth and a strong bond has built between the two of you then you risk offending and loosing her completely if she finds you pursuing other women as well.  The point is simple, if you appear to have an exclusive interest in her, making her feel special and desirable then she is likely to return the same to you.  However if you appear to be a ‘wolf’ on the prowl, like so many other Russian men she has encountered, then she can easily discard you as nothing special in her life.

     There are no clear answers whether you should or should not visit more than one lady on a first trip or whether or not you should be candid that you are seeing other ladies if you are.  The answer to this question will mostly depend on your character and the depth of your bond with the lady or ladies have been corresponding with. If your intensions are sincere then only your heart can tell you what is best to do. 

     Be careful if you are juggling multiple ladies in the same city . . . each of them may want to know how you are spending all of your other time while you are in Russia and not with them.  If you intent to create this kind of situation then it would be advisable your meetings a head of time to avoid any conflicts.

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