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Success Story
Christopher & Tanya
The Story
As a 49-year-old criminologist, author and true-crime TV producer, I was not in this chat room to seek love, I was there as part of a research project. For several weeks I had been investigating the scammers and scamming teams; devious women who seek out vulnerable males in their crooked efforts to fleece them of their cash. The stories I had collated were grim, and I was there to expose these women for what they were. I was there to seek out men; devious, sick individuals, who lure beautiful young women from their native countries, with the promises of love and fortune, only to use them as disposable sex toys, to be used, abused, then thrown away. Absolute Agency had provided me with a free pass. I had unrestricted access to their entire catalogue, and the possibility of making a program about beautiful and lonely women from Russia, the Ukraine and Lithuania, who were seeking a partner, also appealed to me. The work was tedious and slow. Hours upon hours, watching and waiting, seeking out chat patterns, times and chat-up lines, had resulted in over a dozen women (mainly from the larger Russian cities and as far afield as Africa) as being exposed as cheats and fraudsters.
And then Tanyas profile appeared on the screen...
21-years-old, with long golden hair and quite the most beautiful face and figure, she smiled at the camera. An angel out of cyberspace. But, dressed in a revealing bikini, in other photographs, a white suit, she was too good to be true. The alarm bell rang out loud. Scammer. Yet, here was the enigma. As I watched, she hardly communicated. Like myself she watched and waited. For two days I looked at Tanya’s icon, then I made contact. At first she ignored me but finally she replied. The trap, I thought, had snapped shut. For a few days we emailed each other and her story was almost as unbelievable as her profile.
“How, I asked myself, always the cynic, “could such a beautiful young woman be alone? I read her story. None of this could be true. She was a liar, cheat and user. This much I soon told her and how wrong could I be? Understandably, she flipped. I was wrong, so terribly, terribly wrong. What had I done to this lonely young woman from Russia? I had masqueraded my way into her life, said pleasant things and then ripped it all away. It was I who was the fraud, so, I phoned her. We spoke for an hour. Her voice, hushed and sweet, came from Russia with Love, and we made up, settled our differences and went forward from there. Developing any form of relationship, be it in the real world, or over the Internet, requires patience, time, trust, and mutual respect. An older man falls for his Russian princess was a fairy story coming true. I even asked my 24-year-old daughter for her thoughts. “Dad,” she said, if she loves you, go for it. Age makes little difference these days.” For four long months we exchanged photographs and emails. We were there for each other almost every day before using MSN and the telephone, all of which sealed our love. Yet, still we had not met. Then we set a date. I would fly to Russia for TV research. She would travel to the airport to meet me. She promised she would be there for me, and she was.

Our Meeting
In her cyberspace photographs, Tanya is exceptionally beautiful. Over the four months during which we had developed our relationship, it was obvious that she was a decent, kind and very thoughtful young woman. Just as her profile had claimed. She spoke four languages and had a University degree. She is tall, slim. Like so many Russian women, (they take great pride in the appearance and dress elegantly) Tanya was wearing a full-length fur coat and black boots; her golden hair cascaded over her shoulders, down her back to almost waist-length. She took my breath away. Tanya would be a head-turner on any street in any city in the world. What pre-meeting nerves that had existed vanished immediately as she rushed forward through the throng of tired passengers, and threw her arms around my neck. She held me tight and we kissed cheeks. It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. That night, in -18 degrees, we traveled home by taxi. The roads dark, icy, dangerous, and I then realized that Tanya had actually left home to meet me 14 hours earlier. She had traveled some 280 kilometers by train, then by taxi, and waited and waited for my arrival. (If a Russian woman makes a promise, she keeps it). The intimacies of our first ten days together are, of course, a matter of privacy between us. I will say that her home was tasteful, clean and she obviously took pride in her surroundings. I met her friends and the hospitality, generous and open, was given freely. More importantly, we laughed. We already knew that we were on the same mental and spiritual wavelength. But, together, in the physical world, we were, and still are, magic together. Extremely intelligent, Tanya’s voice almost sings the English language. It is a delight to hear. For ten marvelous days, in this most beautiful of countries wrapped up a coat of snow, it was real-life from the movie, Dr. Zhivago. Tanya’s short life had been one of much sadness, and alone, without parents, she had sought love over the Internet. Now, a chance meeting had blossomed into love. A really deep love.

Our Future
There is no crystal ball, just fate. In life we walk many a road and arrive at many crossroads. Before we met, Tanya and I had traveled many such paths, and had taken many turns. I am not a religious man but God, it seems to me, gave Tanya and I a gift. The gift of love. She has given me something that had been missing for years: the ability to truly love again. In return, she has given me her heart and soul. Having traveled the world for so many years, I will take the liberty of saying this. It is my observation, supported by many Western men who have found a partner in a Russian girl, they are warmer, hold true family values (commodities rapidly diminishing in the more materialistic Western women). They are extremely supportive and always eager to listen. Listening to other men and, from my limited experience, they make love with their heart and soul; for Russian women, making love is an art form. They give freely and without reservation. What I can say is that cynical and careful Chris has found two new loves. My Tanya and Russia. This could not have happened without fate and many strings coming together in cyberspace.
“We do not view our story through rose-colored spectacles, but our story should be positive encouragement to all seeking a relationship in cyberspace. It is Tanya’s and my gift to you. As for our future, time will tell.
Christopher Berry-Dee

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